CRC logoThe LPAT Hearing started on Tuesday, May 21 and will run, in all likelihood, for 8 weeks, ending no later than Friday, July 12.  The Hidden Quarry proposal is finally being adjudicated.  CRC needs to have representation at every session of the Hearing to show that the community is serious about stopping this project.


The Hearing will run every week Monday through Friday (excepting statutory holidays), starting at 9:30 am and finishing typically around 4:45 pm, although the closing time may shift from day to day and there may be a few other exceptions along the way.  For example, we know there will be no sessions on Friday June 14 and Friday, June 28.


On Day 1 we started with an overflow house!


At every subsequent session, we are aiming to have at least 15 community representatives present. 

Please let us know which sessions you can commit to.  You can add days anytime over the length of the Hearing if you do not know your schedule yet.  The form you fill out also lets you know how many of 15 have signed up for any given session so you can see where the potential turnout is low.


Please don't forget to click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.


We will email you if any sessions are cancelled for any reason.  We will also let you know when CRC community participants will be presenting their statements – a day when we need higher numbers to provide support for our neighbours!

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